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Fresh-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (Village)

It's a movie theater. What did you expect?

I may or may not have gone to see Breaking Dawn – Part 1 last weekend. My choice of film aside, I did what all the cool people in Austin do and took a friend to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to view it. For those of you not familiar with the concept, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas are movie theaters with a full-service kitchen and bar, from which patrons can order food and drinks as they watch a movie. Their menu is ample and varied, making them a prime night out destination and cultural staple of Austin, Texas.

After enjoying a dish of their Green Chile Mac and Cheese, I ordered up a plate of Fresh-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies to entertain my palate while Edward and Bella declared their everlasting love for one another for the 7,236,584th time in the span of 20 minutes. Yes, I suppose I could just stop watching the movies, but that would make the precious hours of my life that I wasted on the first 3 – not to mention the time spent reading all 4 books – truly, irretrievably lost. Anyway, back to the cookies. The menu description warned that there would be a bit of a wait, as they bake them to order; not a problem, seeing as how the movie was roughly 2 hours long. The cookies – 3 of them – did indeed come out piping hot. After waiting a little for them to cool, I broke off my first piece. It was a good piece – just the right chocolate chip-to-cookie ratio, firm on the outside and chewy in the middle, pleasantly buttery. Perhaps a tad on the overcooked side, they were a touch more crunchy than I would’ve hoped, but were not by any means burnt. The cookies are advertised as big, but I would say they’re closer to medium-sized – maybe on the largeish side of average, but not of impressive proportions.

This wasn’t a terribly exciting dessert, but as far as your standard chocolate chip cookies go, they’re a solid pick. I apologize for the absence of a photo; in my defense, this is what happens when people get caught using their phones during an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema film:

And I do not want to be the next Miss Magnited States of America.


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