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Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cream Shake – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (South Lamar)

For years I’ve disdained foods in liquid form. Soups, smoothies, anything that is drunk and not eaten was, as far as I was concerned, comestibly worthless. When I was hungry, being presented with an item to slurp instead of something to bite into, chew and savor was the worst kind of insult. My stomach cries for substance; how can you expect me to be satisfied with broth? I’m not a baby, I have teeth – don’t liquefy my food, damn it!

Lately, however, I’ve found myself relenting on this once fundamental culinary tenet of mine. I’ll blame it on the mean grilled cheese and soup lunch the cook at my office makes – a meal that, after my first begrudging taste, surprised me as something that I not only liked but subsequently craved; a dish that left me wondering what else I had been missing out on by putting philosophy over sensation.

It follows logically that, if I could have such a revelation in the department of the savory, I should seek the same in my preferred category of the sweet. I had heard excellent things about the milkshakes at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and so, at my next opportunity to dine there, I resolved to give one a go. My candidate of choice was the shake of the Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cream variety, as it sounded like it would still have some solid bits in it to hold my hand as I ventured into its aqueous realm.

The glass came with both an extra large straw (at least a good half inch in diameter) and a spoon, which I took as good signs of a thick shake. Indeed, I was actually able to consume the entire thing by spoon alone. There was a healthy dose of whipped cream on top, and crumbles of chocolate chip cookies (the same kind as those from my previous Alamo Drafthouse Cinema blog post, perhaps) atop that and throughout the blended ice cream and milk that provided flavor and texture. Although its flavors weren’t incredibly mind-blowing or out of the ordinary, it was delicious, and for a first milkshake in longer than I can even remember, this was a choice welcome back.

Possibly the only photo of the inside of an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema theater during a show to ever see the light of day.

That’s right, I was even able to snag a picture this time. This is because I was watching not a regular movie but a reality TV show featuring my company, which rented out the theater for employees to watch the premiere in. uShip is the organization behind “Shipping Wars”, A&E’s new Tuesday-night feature.


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  1. SLR (my initials)

    An amazingly good combination of three outstanding organizations at work together in your blog here: an Internet company, a TV program, and a movie theater… The three of them should pay heed to what this girl is saying!
    By the way, my favorite milkshake there is the Salty Caramel flavor, no whipped cream, easy to slurp during a French silent movie…


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