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“Cookies and Cream” – Paggi House

Even fine dining has a weak spot for this twosome.

Today I bring you another cookies and cream dessert; it would seem that my desire for the combination spanned the past couple of weeks. Although at first this dish may sound a lot like the one from my previous post, I see this as an opportunity to demonstrate how the same essences can be put together in differing ways. While last weekend I reviewed a casual milkshake version, with cookies of the chocolate chip variety, now I present a fine dining homage to Oreo-style confections.

I almost missed out on this particular dish due to its overly simplified description on the menu – all it read was “‘Cookies and Cream’ – Malt ice cream”. Now, I understand that minimalism is in vogue these days, but if there’s one place where it doesn’t belong, it’s in food explanations. Thankfully our server was very sociable, and knowledgeable to boot, and so with elaboration from her I came to understand that this referred to a plate with three chocolate sandwich “cookies”, one side crispy wafer and one side soft cake, with a mascarpone filling, served with the aforementioned malt-flavored ice cream. Chocolate, mascarpone and an ice cream variety I’ve never tried? I’ll take it.

As with all things on the fancier end, the plate was arranged just so – the cookies lined up across the middle, one carefully angled against the scoop of ice cream to display its vivid white center, all atop an artful streak of chocolate sauce and dusted with chocolate crumbs. Fine dining sometimes goes overboard with presentation, concentrating so hard on creating something ornate that it ends up being intimidating rather than appetizing, and with a taste that falls short of the expectations set. Paggi House did not make this mistake – the “Cookies and Cream” earned both my admiration and my salivation, and was absolutely delicious.

RATING: ★★★★

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