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Oreo Sundae – Sandy’s Hamburgers

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Before relocating to Austin, I lived in Virginia. Although overall I’m very happy with the move, there are some things from there that I miss. Among those is Uncle Rick’s Frozen Custard – hands-down the best frozen custard known to man, and a tough contender in my book for favorite dessert ever. I’m embarrassed to say how many times I made the almost hour-long drive from Williamsburg to Portsmouth just for it, but every single time it was worth it. It’s been almost a year since my departure for Texas, and I would kill for one of their concretes with Whoppers or some cookie dough.

I’ve been on the lookout for a local replacement since the day I got here, keeping a sharp eye out for places serving frozen custard. Those have proven hard to find; the few I’ve managed to discover have been franchises serving mass-produced stuff that seems no different from simple soft-serve ice cream. I was thus very excited when I heard about Sandy’s Hamburgers, a local burger stand that is known for its frozen custard. An invitation to some Saturday evening roller derby at the venue right across the street from it provided the perfect excuse to check it out.

Maybe it was the fact that it was so hot that the custard started to melt instantly, maybe Texans just don’t understand what frozen custard is, or maybe the fact that I’ve been deprived of Uncle Rick’s for so long has caused me to subconsciously elevate it it to some divine, impossible-to-match pedestal in my memory in comparison to which all subsequent frozen custards are doomed to pale. Either way, Sandy’s did not blow me away. It was good, and the part that I managed to eat before it liquefied had something of a custardy consistency, but it was still more like plain old ice cream to me.

And so, my search for frozen custard here continues. In the meantime, however, I do want to give props to Sandy’s for an amazing burger: my huge Chili Cheese & Onion Hamburger would’ve been good anywhere, let alone from a “fast food” joint. The roller derby bout that followed was also one-of-a-kind – a last minute upset resulting in an overtime win for the Putas Del Fuego against last year’s champions, the Rhinestone Cowgirls, made for an intense ending to a typically laid-back and somewhat slapstick (at least for the spectators) event.

Oreo Sundae

Had to act fast to get this photo before it started melting.


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  1. They didn’t have enough air in their machine to get the proper fluffy look and excellent taste. A simple fix, but not one always possible if they are very busy. Also, that was probably why it melted quicker than normal.


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